ASHLEY - Jersey Girl.
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Taylor - Teen Sweetie.
Taylor her is a cute college teen who wanted to try her hand at porn. She contacted me a million times asking questions then finally wanted to meet me first to make sure I wasn’t some kind of weirdo. I must have put on a pretty good act because she agreed to shoot her first scene on the spot. A great video with some face fucking, cum swallowing, fucking, and of course a huge facial. Thanks Taylor!!
PRICE - Bikini model gone bad.
Price is a legit model in real life. She actually makes a living modeling bikinis and with those tits I can see why. She was at the mall when I called her to see if she'd shoot for me. Apparently, she had set her sites on a Prada handbag at the same time I was setting my sites on playing with those perfectly formed tits. Watching those tits flopping around while I was fucking her made it worth the cost of admission to that warm soft pussy. Keep picking out handbags. I need you back.
MICHELLE - Hot for teacher.
Michelle is a teacher and for that reason I won't say where she's from. Let's just say it's somewhere that caused her to have the sexiest submissive southern accent I've ever heard. Not only did I jam this girls head down on my cock and fuck her every which way possible and have her gobble up two huge loads of cum, I also pulled my cock out of her asshole and stuck it directly into her mouth. Michelle is so sweet and so naughty, I just love it!
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